About the Photographer

^Photo credit to my talented friend Seneca Lewis


I’m so glad you have taken the time to visit my page and check out my photography! My name is Sarah Kimsey and I am the one who has been doing all the shooting around here!

I am currently a senior at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. I am an Elementary Education major who has a strong passion for photography. I have always been interested in photography; when I entered high school I had the opportunity to take a couple graphic design classes along with a photography class, and it was in those classes that my passion for photography grew. I learned so much, but I had never even thought to pursue it in college. So I went off to college, majored in Education, and I compete for Kutztowns’ Track & Field team! It wasn’t until I began working with my good friend Lindsey Bonnice who is a photographer, that I realized that photography is something I would really love to do. I work with her during the summers and have had such a blast learning from her and helping her out during her sessions! I owe it all to her, she has been so gracious with everything and has taught me so much!

My parents surprised me with my very first DSLR camera for Christmas this year! I literally cried when I opened it; saying that I was excited is a complete understatement! So ever since Christmas I haven’t been able to put this camera down! I have enjoyed discovering all of the possibilities and establishing my personal photography style. I have yet to figure out my preferred subject to shoot, so until then I would love to shoot all the memories you cherish! Head on over to my contact page and get a hold of me!


4 thoughts on “About the Photographer

  1. I can feel your excitement and passion for photography. I’ve been at it for 43 years and love it more every year. Good luck with the new camera and remember all the camera does is go click. Everything else must be done by the artist behind the camera. – Bob

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